Panels Options:  Welded Box Frame (1.5" x 1.5" frame welded to panels), Feet for Freestanding panels, Mounting Holes, Powder Coat paint, or Corten Weathering Steel.  Normally, we use 12, 14, or 16 Gauge Steel depending on the size of the panel, but can use any thickness or material on request.  We have 100's of other designs, send us a picture, drawing,
or .dxf, and we will make it for you!                          Choose COLORS below
Standard Panels G 2k.jpg
Standard Panels F 2k.jpg
Standard Panels S 2k.jpg
Standard Panels T 2k.jpg
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"Star Wars" Panel

Foster Panel T200.jpg


Foster Panel T202.jpg



Laser cutting: The perfect blend of technology and design; architects, artists, graphic designers, design engineers, landscape architects are all able to craft exquisite designs to fit for their needs. 

One of the benefits of using a laser to shape your design is that they offer clean sharp finishes with low waste of material. As a professional laser cutting shop, we adopt automated and computerized technology to eliminate errors.